Stacie Bermudez 

Scott Lipp

    ⁃    CrossFit level 1 trainer
    ⁃    I found CrossFit about 5 years ago and it has absolutely changed my life for the better. Being an EMT has made me realize the importance of prevention and I believe CrossFit can change the daily life habits positively with the supportive community you gain. 
    ⁃    Outside of the gym I like binge watching shows and doing puzzles.

- Crossfit L1 Trainer
- Played college baseball at Chabot College and St. Marys College, Go Gaels!
- I am a PE teacher at the local high school and teach weights classes 
- I have been participating in Crossfit for 4+ years  and competing for 2+ years . Crossfit has changed my life for the best and not only for the healthy lifestyle it has taught me.  
- Outside of the gym I love my time with my dog, family and friends

Keri Hogan 

Shelby White

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer
- CrossFit L1 Certified
- CrossFit is my absolute FAVORITE sport to coach and train. It's extremely inspiring and motivating to watch our members excel and improve inside and outside of the gym. 
- Recently moved from Santa Monica where I did personal training for a year, and am more than excited to return to my CrossFit roots at Bollinger. 
- Outside of the gym I LOVE to eat, lounge with my family and friends, and do fun new things in the outdoors. 

Our Coaches

- CF Level 1 Trainer,National Personal Training Institute.NASM

- CrossFit has changed the way I live my life in all aspects. I've been personal training and coaching for 8+ years and its been a blessing to work with like minded individuals  who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

- I really enjoy the sport of fitness so when im not working out with friends im typically just relaxing with my dog and enjoying food.

Brandon Croker

-Crossfit L1 Certified, Orange Theory Fitness Coach, Physical Therapist Assistant 
- I've been a part of Crossfit for 4+ years and competing at local competitions for 3+ years. Crossfit has changed the entire way I used to look at Fitness. I love competing and pushing myself into my " pain cave". I love long and brutal
WODS that test me not only physically but mentally. I am always up for a challenge and will try anything at least once! 
- When I'm not coaching classes or working as a PTA, you can usually always still find me in the gym. I love spending time with my two dogs , Oakley and Cali! I love being outdoors, paddle boarding, snow boarding, hiking, running, or hanging at the beach with my husband. I am a sucker for the sun and can't get enough of it! 

Codie White


- CrossFit L1, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Gymnastics, BA Sports Nutrition Chico State
- Coaching and Personal Training for 5+ years

- Nutrition and Meal Planning
- Competing and participating in CrossFit for 6+ years and it has absolutely changed my life for the better.  Absolutely love that I get to share what I do and love everyday with other people.                     

- Outside of the gym I love to cook, play with my pup, enjoy the outdoors and relax/hang with friends and family