Codie White


- CrossFit L1, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Gymnastics, BA Sports Nutrition Chico State
- Coaching and Personal Training for 3+ years

- Nutrition and Meal Planning
- Competing and participating in CrossFit for 4+ years and it has absolutely changed my life for the better.  Absolutely love that I get to share what I do and love everyday with other people.                     

- Outside of the gym I love to cook, play with my pup, enjoy the outdoors and relax/hang with friends and family 

Shelby White

- CrossFit Level 1 certified; NASM CPT(Certified Personal Trainer), CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), and PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) certified; NESTA PFT (Professional Fitness Trainer) certified.
- 9+ years experience as a personal trainer. 2+ years experience teaching group CrossFit classes.
- I started CrossFit because I was looking for a new challenge to achieve my fitness goals.  It re-established in my mind that fitness should be fun, challenging, and enjoyable.  I truly believe that CrossFit, as a strength and conditioning program, can benefit every individual, no matter their personal goals.  This can range from an athlete training for sport, a stay at home mom/dad looking to keep up with their kids, or someone that has never worked out in their life, and are looking to become a healthier individual through fitness.  This is why I love CrossFit, not only for myself, but to teach my passion to others.
- Outside of the gym, I enjoy spending time with lovely wife and our two beautiful children.

- CF Level 1 Trainer,National Personal Training Institute.NASM

- CrossFit has changed the way I live my life in all aspects. Iv been personal training and coaching for 8+ years and its been a blessing to work with like minded ivdividuals  who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

- I really enjoy the sport of fitness so when im not working out with friends im typically just relaxing with my dog and enjoying food.

Scott Lipp

Keri Hogan 

Brandon Croker

Matt Hendershot

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer
- CrossFit L1 Certified
- CrossFit is my absolute FAVORITE sport to coach and train. It's extremely inspiring and motivating to watch our members excel and improve inside and outside of the gym. 
- Recently moved from Santa Monica where I did personal training for a year, and am more than excited to return to my CrossFit roots at Bollinger. 
- Outside of the gym I LOVE to eat, lounge with my family and friends, and do fun new things in the outdoors. 

- Crossfit L1 Trainer
- Played college baseball at Chabot College and St. Marys College, Go Gaels!
- I am a PE teacher at the local high school and teach weights classes 
- I have been participating in Crossfit for 3+ years  and competing for 1+ years . Crossfit has changed my life for the best and not only for the healthy lifestyle it has taught me.  
- Outside of the gym I love my time with my dog, family and friends

-Crossfit L1 Certified, Orange Theory Fitness Coach, Physical Therapist Assistant 
- I've been a part of Crossfit for 4+ years and competing at local competitions for 3+ years. Crossfit has changed the entire way I used to look at Fitness. I love competing and pushing myself into my " pain cave". I love long and brutal
WODS that test me not only physically but mentally. I am always up for a challenge and will try anything at least once! 
- When I'm not coaching classes or working as a PTA, you can usually always still find me in the gym. I love spending time with my two dogs , Oakley and Cali! I love being outdoors, paddle boarding, snow boarding, hiking, running, or hanging at the beach with my husband. I am a sucker for the sun and can't get enough of it! 

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