​ABOUT US......

Connect Fitness is the home of Bollinger CrossFit. It is a FUN, CHALLENGING, PROGRESSIVE, & COMPREHENSIVE program that has tons of VARIETY.

The gym is set-up and used as a hybrid of strength and conditioning applied science and CrossFit Methodology. 

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Our mission starts with your imagination. Tell us where you imagine yourself going through fitness, and we will help you get started. Our next mission is to give you perseverance. We provide a community filled with camaraderie and unconditional support to help you persevere through any challenges that get in your way. Our final and ultimate mission is to give you faith- If we can help you have faith in yourself and your hustle we know you will succeed much farther than your original goals.

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*Barbell WOD 7pm tues/thurs friday 6pm

*Write your goals on the BOARD!!!

*$29 for a 2 Week Trial!